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Personal, Home & Car Insurance Policies

Lindenwood Agency provides comprehensive commercial & business insurance policies to St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon, and St. Louis.

homeowners house home insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Homeowner's Insurance

The most expensive purchase a person will most likely make in their life is their home. Since your home is your largest asset, it’s
important to protect it with homeowners insurance. The proper homeowner's insurance is vital to safeguarding your family’s most expensive asset. Here at the Lindenwood Agency, we like to sit down with our customers to find them the homeowners insurance which best fits their needs.

condo condominium insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance has components from both homeowner and renters insurance. With Condo insurance, generally for the dwelling you are typically only insuring the internal structure or the drywall itself. In most situations, there is a condo association with a “master policy” for the outside of the dwelling.

RV motorhome trailer camper insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

RV Insurance

A lot of people like to combine the comfort of home along with the flexibility of mobility. In this type of situation, an RV is the perfect toy. This type of insurance covers motor homes and travel trailers. Now let’s take a look at the type of coverage that falls under RV

personal articles inland marine insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Personal Articles/Inland Marine

Our belongings all have a certain place in our life, but it goes without saying that some items are more important and expensive than others. For those types of things which fit that mold, there is an insurance policy for that. This type of policy is generally written on an agreed value basis. Appraisals are useful in knowing how much to properly insure these items for.

car auto truck motorcycle insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Car & Auto Insurance

Vehicles are extremely important to most people and so is the car insurance you select. Whether you depend on your car for work, taking the kids to soccer or anything else, it’s important to properly insure the vehicle and yourself to get back on the road quickly. Your car insurance policy can also provide protection against legal expenses from medical or death that your vehicle caused, as well as property damage. 

personal umbrella insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Personal Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy is the ultimate way to safeguard your assets. The purpose of an umbrella policy is to act as an extra layer of liability insurance over your existing home and auto liability. Most umbrella policies provide an extra $1 million or $2 million in coverage for a very minimal cost.

boat watercraft jetski insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Nothing brings family and friends together quite like lake life and boating. In Missouri especially, with great lakes such as the Lake of the Ozarks and Tablerock Lake, boat insurance is a popular product. Let’s take a look at the coverage that you should carry out on the water ways

renters apartment insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Renter's Insurance

In the United States approximately 64% of the population rent rather than own, while only 40% carry renter’s insurance! Find out below why you should protect yourself with renter’s insurance.

landlord insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Landlord Insurance

There are several different levels of these types of policies, but we like to sit down with our customers and put together the best program for your needs. Dwelling Fire/Landlord policies are very similar to homeowner policies, except not as comprehensive. Landlord policies can be owner-occupied, but the majority of them are for tenants.

flood insurance st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Flood Insurance

Natural disasters can destroy homes, businesses, and quite frankly peoples’ lives. Storms like Hurricane Katrina can ravage an area with water and a normal homeowner policy will not save you. There is a special type of insurance for this type of disaster, and that insurance is called Flood Insurance. Let’s take a look at the facts about flood insurance.

Lindenwood Agency, experienced insurance agents you can trust with your home or business.

best insurance agency st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri

Lindenwood Agency in St. Charles is a locally owned Missouri insurance company who has the experience and expertise you need to make the right decisions. We strive to offer the best service of any insurance company in the local market and will put your individual and business insurance needs first.


With over 80 combined years in the insurance industry, we've seen it all and can handle it all. Rest assured that Lindenwood Agency will conduct a thorough assessment of your needs and determine the right coverage and insurance policies for you!

Schedule a consultation with Lindenwood Agency in St. Charles

Lindenwood Agency Commercial Personal Insurance St. Charles St. Peters Missouri

Lindenwood Agency specializes in providing comprehensive business & personal insurance plans with competitive pricing to St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon, St. Louis, and surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and accredited and work with all major insurance companies to get you the best rates possible. Once we understand your insurance needs we will use every resource to secure the proper coverage at the most competitive prices available.

If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment, contact us or give us a call- 636-946-6133!


During my time as a client of The Lindenwood Agency I've been made to feel that I'm more than just a policy. They take the time to handle my problems with speed, accuracy, and heart. Each employee is knowledgeable and there to make sure that my life goes right in the face of whatever comes my way. At the end of the day I know I can count on The Lindenwood Agency to be there for me and ensure my life goes on without any complication, while they pick up the pieces and put it back together better than before!
Christopher, St. Louis, MO

The Lindenwood Agency has done a wonderful job providing our family with peace of mind in their handling of our insurance needs over the years. Back when we were new clients, I totaled my car three days before our wedding and was dreading dealing with the claim in addition to pulling everything together for the wedding. Ryan told me not to worry and to focus on getting married, and he handled everything related to the claim. Additionally, Ryan annually checks our current rate against the rates of other providers to make sure that we are getting the best deal possible while still making sure that we are adequately protected. You couldn’t ask for better customer service.

Daniel, St. Charles, MO

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