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Car Insurance

We specialize in providing comprehensive business & personal insurance plans with competitive pricing to St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon, St.  Louis, and surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and accredited and work with all major insurance companies to get you the best rates possible. Send us a message or give us a call, we can handle all of your insurance needs!

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Car/Auto Insurance

Vehicles are extremely important to most people and so is the car insurance you select. Whether you depend on your car for work, taking the kids to soccer or anything else, it’s important to properly insure the vehicle and yourself to get back on the road quickly. Your car insurance policy can also provide protection against legal expenses from medical or death that your vehicle caused, as well as property damage.  


What Is The Best Auto Insurance Policy For You?

• Split Limits Car Insurance- Generally, this is the most common type of auto insurance that is purchased. Split limits contain coverage for bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident and property damage coverage. A common coverage level would be 100/300/100. That means $100,000 in coverage per person, $300,000 per accident and $100,000 in property damage. 


• Combined Single Limit Car Insurance: This is the simplest form of auto insurance. Combined single limit car insurance is a set number that the insurance company will pay combing both the bodily injury limits and property damage. For instance, if you carried $500,000 combined single limit then the most the policy would pay out per accident is $500,000 combining both bodily injury liability and property damage.


Important Features

• Bodily Injury Liability: This component of a car insurance policy is the most important component. Bodily injury liability insurance provides coverage for others that your vehicle has caused harm to. In particular, this component provides coverage to the other party that sustained an injury in an accident. 

• Physical Damage Liability: This component of the liability insurance provides coverage for physical damage you cause to property in an accident. 

• Collision Coverage: This component of an auto policy protects you, the insured and your vehicle from damage done during an auto collision. This coverage includes a deductible that must be paid before the insurance will be applied. 

• Comprehensive Coverage: This component is also referred to as “other than collision” which means this is for damage to your car for factors other than a collision. Types of claims that fall under this component of auto insurance would be theft, fire, damage caused by animals or other “acts of god.” 

Schedule a consultation with Lindenwood Agency in St. Charles

Lindenwood Agency Commercial Personal Insurance St. Charles St. Peters Missouri

Lindenwood Agency specializes in providing comprehensive business & personal insurance plans with competitive pricing to St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon, St. Louis, and surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and accredited and work with all major insurance companies to get you the best rates possible. Once we understand your insurance needs we will use every resource to secure the proper coverage at the most competitive prices available.

If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment, contact us or give us a call- 636-946-6133!

Types of Insurance We Offer

  • Business Owner's Insurance

  • Business Property Insurance

  • General Liability Insurance

  • Business Income Insurance

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance

  • Commercial Building Insurance

  • Business Inland Marine Insurance

  • Business Personal Property Insurance

  • Business Surety & Fidelity Bonds

  • ...and more!


best insurance agent st. charles st. peters st. louis ofallon missouri
  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Auto/Car Insurance

  • Personal Umbrella Insurance

  • Renter's Insurance

  • Condo Insurance

  • Landlord Insurance

  • Personal Articles/Possessions

  • Personal Inland Marine Insurance

  • RV/Boat/Trailer Insurance

  • Flood Insurance

  • ...and more!


We've Served the commercial and personal insurance needs of St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon and St. Louis for over 50 years!


Just wanted to let you know how Happy we are with the service you provide us. The Work Comp especially, we call for Certificate of Insurance and you guys get it done quick and efficiently. We have sent a lot of installers to you over the years and it seems that they are all happy with your service. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. These days it’s hard to get people to do what they say they will.  Thanks!! 

 John Dickherber - Wholesale Flooring USA

Lindenwood Agency is one of the best insurance companies we have dealt with in our day to day business. Melodie Smith is our go to girl and is quick to respond and help out with any questions or concerns we may have. She is always willing to help with our last minute requests and walk our borrowers through the insurance process. We love the way Lindenwood’s certificates are designed, making it easy for us as a lending company to understand and follow. Melodie is always on top of the renewals on all of our files which helps us out tremendously. 10/10 would recommend working with Melodie Smith at Lindenwood Agency.

 Sarah Maxon, Longhorn III Investments, LLC

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