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RV Insurance in St. Charles, MO

A lot of people like to combine the comfort of home along with the flexibility of mobility. In this type of situation, an RV is the perfect toy. This type of insurance covers motor homes and travel trailers. Now let’s take a look at the type of coverage that falls under RV. 

Components of Coverage

• Bodily Injury Liability: This component of an auto policy is the most important component. This component provides coverage for others that your vehicle has caused harm to. In particular, this component provides coverage to the other party that sustained an injury in an accident that you caused. 
• Physical Damage Liability: This component of the liability provides coverage for physical damage you cause to property in an accident that you cause. 
• Collision Coverage: This component of an auto policy protects you, the insured and your vehicle from damage done during an auto collision. This coverage includes a deductible that must be paid before the insurance is activated. 
• Comprehensive Coverage: This component is also referred to as “other than collision” which means this is for damage to your car for factors other than a collision. Types of claims that fall under this component of auto insurance would be theft, fire, damage caused by animals or other “acts of god.” 
• Vacation Liability: This pays for injuries that happen at your vacation site, in your RV or the area around your RV up to the specified limit you select. 
• Loss settlement: There are different loss settlements that fall under your comprehensive and collision coverage. They are: 
1. Stated Value: market value of the RV
2. Agreed Value: the amount that is agreed upon, ignoring market value
3. Replacement Cost: this replaces your RV with a similar model 

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