Personal Articles Floater/Personal Inland Marine

Personal Articles Floater/Personal Inland Marine

Our belongings all have a certain place in our life, but it goes without saying that some items are more important and expensive than others. For those types of things which fit that mold, there is an insurance policy for that. This type of policy is generally written on an agreed value basis. Appraisals are useful in knowing how much to properly insure these items for. 

Types of Items that could be on a personal articles floater: 

• Jewelry: This is the most common item to be scheduled on a personal article floater. Engagement rings, wedding rings and other extremely valuable pieces of jewelry. 
• Firearms: Guns can be very expensive, and some are collectors’ items so they are a great thing to schedule on a personal article floaters policy.  
• Fine Arts: In many cases, paintings in households are too special and expensive to let the contents coverage on a homeowner policy cover them. Fine arts are an ideal item to schedule on personal article floaters. 
• Collectors’ items: Many people have collections of items that are near and dear to them as well as expensive. These types of items can be a baseball card collection, coin collections or anything else that falls into this category are perfect items to have on a personal articles floater policy. 

If you have any questions about personal articles insurance or would like to learn more, call your local St. Charles insurance broker, Lindenwood Agency, today at (636) 946-6133.

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