Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance in St. Charles, MO

Natural disasters can destroy homes, businesses, and quite frankly peoples’ lives. Storms like Hurricane Katrina can ravage an area with water and a normal homeowner policy will not save you. There is a special type of insurance for this type of disaster, and that insurance is called Flood Insurance. Let’s take a look at the facts about flood insurance. 

Components of Coverage

• The most common flood insurance program is operated by the National Flood Insurance Program which is run by the federal government. 
• This flood insurance program has two key components: building and contents coverage. 
• Building Coverage: The federally run program will insure the building/dwelling up to $250,000. If you require more insurance, you will have to obtain it through private insurers. 
• Contents Coverage: Personal property through the federally run flood insurance program will cover you up to $100,000. If you want more than that, then a private insurer is the best alternative. 
• Flood insurance isn’t for everyone. Some consumers live in a flood zone, so the coverage is mandatory. Other consumers may not be required to carry flood insurance, but if they feel they are in an unsafe zone, it could be a relatively cheap safeguard. 

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