Business Owners Insurance

Business Insurance in St. Charles, MO

Small to medium sized businesses are the core of the United States economy, but more importantly are the life-blood of many American families. Protecting these businesses is of the utmost importance. If it’s an option, Business Owners Insurance is a great policy to purchase for protecting your business. Let’s take a look at what this package can cover. 

Key Components

• Property Coverage: Property and business personal property (contents) are very important to protect when running a business. Business Owner Insurance is great at providing this coverage. 
• General Liability: In business, the hope is something bad will never happen, but as we all know this is rarely the case. General liability coverage is designed to protect your business from the things that can happen. This harm is a result of things that your company does or fails to do in your business operations that may cause property damage or bodily injury due to defective installations, faulty products, or errors in service that may be provided. We will dive deeper into this on the general liability tab. 
• Business Income: When a catastrophe occurs at your location like a fire or severe power outage and business has to come to a halt, a business owner’s policy will help mitigate the losses. Business Income is coverage that will pay you for the lost revenues due to a covered loss. 

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